Made Anyone Mad Lately?

How often in life do we find people who seem to have it in for us?

When we were on vacation, my son and I were walking along the Tar River in my home town of Greenville, NC. As we passed by this one kid, the kid said in a snide way, "Hey Star Wars" (my son was wearing his Star Wars shirt that day - I'm so proud:) As we walked on by, my son asked why, and I told him the kid must have liked his shirt. The problem with it was that the comment was made clearly out of jealousy.

Scott Ginsberg's blog on all the people who think your nuts nails it:
"Ultimately, I’ve learned that when it comes to Haters, it usually says more about THEM than the person they hate."
Anytime you step out or step up and even step back, there are going to be people who question you, challenge you, heckle you and hate you. There are also going to be those who support you, encourage you, help you and love you.

Whether you're starting a new church or a new business, have a great idea or are doing something new, you'll make someone mad and they'll let you know. You get to choose who to listen to.

May I Ask? Are you doing anything to hear from "haters?"

May I Suggest: Take time and read Scott's blog @Hello! My Name is Blog


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