NGA Annual Conference Coming to a Close

The final tally for Jurisdictional is:

Bridgette Young
Bill Britt
Diane Parrish
Joy Melton
Mike Cavin
Clay Jacobs
Renita Thomas
Sondra Jones
Mike Long
Leon Matthews
David Nagley
Dee Shelnutt
Jackie Rose-Tucker
Parks Davis

A motion was passed to take one last vote and fill the Reserve Delegation with the top five vote givers.


Dan said...

Ken, thanks for your comments on my blog - figured I should return the favor. First, kudos for your work as a teller - better you than me!

About Church Development, let me clarify a couple of things. I certainly don't begrudge new church starts receiving funding from the Conference; I only wish that some of that funding was ALSO directed to intown congregations (like mine) that have held on for decades during "white flight" to the suburbs and exurbs, and are now coming back around. I also love the fact that you're receiving start-up funding from other congregations - that, to me, is an ideal way to go also.

Obviously church planting isn't lucrative, but there certainly is a lot of cash floating around the Conference budget going somewhere. Maybe it's the $750,000 supporting a conference center, or maybe it's the $750,000 episcopal residence...I can only imagine what either one of our congregations could do with that kind of cash infusion! And let's not even begin to think of what Jesus would have had to say about either of those.

I won't start into the elections process here yet, as I'm going to be working on a lengthy paper about that whole endeavor - it's something I can really geek out on, since I studied election law and worked for the Carter Center while at Emory Law School, and also studied emerging democracies and election processes in grad school at Notre Dame. For now I'll just say I was very pleased to see us adopt that resolution to form a task force to study the process.

Keep up the good work!

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