Building Boundaries

There is no way, I think, for us to get an accurate idea of the problem internet pornography causes for families and pastors. Through the years this has become a tragic problem.

It really hit home for me this last year when a fellow church planter and friend turned in their credentials. Can exceptions be made? No, I think not even though compassion can be expressed. What needs to be put forth however is the importance of establishing walls and boundaries.

There are a number of services available but I'd like to recommend my friends and allies at Is it worth it to pay up $5 a month? For the sake of my family and my integrity, absolutely. We've used WiseChoice for almost 6 years and they have been awesome.

What really is at issue is integrity. Anyone of us can be corrupted by lust, greed, pride, arrogance, idolatry, alcohol, and on and on... Will we become obsessed with debating the 'spirit' and 'letter' of a command or will we live authentically what we believe?

For me, I've tried to learn from mistakes. That is where my idea came for a personal board of directors. It was an idea a few years ago but I never got going until this past fall. I gathered together 3 guys who have been part of encouraging me and challenging me in my faith through the years, to form my personal board. Each week (more or less) I send them updates and prayer requests. Then each one takes a month to be the contact to check on me and how I'm living out my faith in the most important areas of my life.

Every wedding I perform reminds of the promises I made at my wedding. It has come too from my own understanding of the Bible and a call to holiness for God's people.
As one writer puts it,
Pure, unstained religion, according to God our Father, is to take care of orphans and widows when they suffer and to remain uncorrupted by this world. (James 1:27 GW)

Authentic faith isn't reactionary but proactive - authentability

May I ask: How is your wall building going? What boundaries have you put in place?

Send me an e-mail and let me know what you've found helpful and I'll post it here!


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