Naked as the day you were born

Yep, its Mother's Day and wouldn't your mom be proud of you if you were quoted in an article"Nudists seeking to Attract Younger Members?" Authenticity is great and so is being vulnerable but I'm just not sure of what they're getting at here.

The problem with this group isn't in authenticity but in perception. To my fellow americans in the American Association for Nude Recreation, this article didn't help your cause. Let's see: of the 50,000+ plus members of the association cited, 90% are older than 35. The phrase "dirty old men" comes to my mind.

Each one of us came into this world naked as can be. Everyone is real quick however to cover you up. There is a lot we cover up from then on. A lot of bumps and bruises, pain and hurt will do that to ya. While nudity, I suppose, might be helpful, being real and authentic goes beyond the skin. It is physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.

On this Mother's Day, we would do well to reflect on how much our mothers (and all other relations) have spent investing in the whole person. As parents this might also be a call to remember, "beauty is only skin deep" and we need to encourage and build up all aspects of our children's being and not just what seems to be important.

As I think about it, maybe its already happening and that is why the AANR is in decline.

THINK ABOUT IT: How are you building up the others around you?


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