Learning and Connecting @ Steak and Shake

Acworth has a great place to eat called Steak and Shake, maybe you've heard of it. I've been eating at Steak and Shake since I was in St. Louis. Double Steakburger, double order of cheesefries and a chocolate shake makes this dude happy.

My folks were here this weekend to help build our kids a clubhouse (more on that to come) and took us out to eat. Remember, I already like to eat here...

It started in the Parking Lot
Right after we got out of the van we heard, "Happy Memorial Day!" We looked up to see our waitress welcoming us in. "I'm going to have your table ready right away!" That is a greeting!

We exchanged names (of course I had my nametag) and then got to business taking orders. Always get the name or your server - if you want good service - get personal.

Having Fun
Things appeared a bit slow but it was made up for by our servers attitude. She talked to the kids and was dancing around to the music. She was always smiling and quick with fill-ups. This made the time go by much faster.

Even when things got mixed up in our orders, she didn't make excuses or blame us, she fixed it (I saw her do the same at another table).

She noticed my wife wasn't eating her salad before my wife asked for a napkin. She said, "The lady needs her napkin. I know ladies can't eat without their napkin in place." I'm a guy so all I can say is "wow."

Personal Touch
She talked with our kids and joked with our family, never too much, and always trying to serve.

I couldn't help but drop her name to the manager after she called me by name to say "goodbye." Did we pick-up a comment card? You bet and put it in the mail first thing this morning.

Will I be back at Steak and Shake? You bet and I know who I'll request as server!

Can the same thing be said for how I treat people in our church? How about everyday on the street and in the neighborhood?

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2, NIV)

May I ask: How are you at connecting through serving?


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