It is still about the mission

I've spent a little bit of time blogging on myspace and have been feeling the need to branch out a bit as I see things unfolding around my life. It wasn't long ago I turned another page as I was approved for full-connection ordination by the North Georgia Conference.

So last night our District Superintendent calls a gathering of churches with 300+ in worship to challenge us on one simple point: we're not fulfilling our mission. Understand, NGA LEADS the UMC in the US in professions of faith AND the Atlanta-Marietta District leads the conference. We're still not fulfilling our mission "to make disciples of Jesus Christ."

So now, I'm sitting on the edge of the abyss preparing to launch a new church in 2008. Of course, new churches have been determined to be "the most effective way of making new disciples." But the thought crosses my mind as Dr. Lathem talks... ",what if church planting becomes like the 'Conference Evangelist' or 'Evangelism Committees?' Will the Church defer to new churches to do the work?"

No matter how things play out, it is still about the mission


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