If Shift Happens, does anyone care?

For starters, the title hits you from every angle possible. Visually it engages. And thankfully, in contrast to alot of other slides, the content drove the presentation.

BUT what does it really mean? What am I, as a viewer, being challenged to do? And do we at some point need to examine and question the validity of the presentation's content?

Don the Idea Guy in MyBrainBlog, writes:
Albert Einstein said "It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education." I'm not so sure it does. Too many raw theories are put forth (and accepted) as fact. General observations are accepted at face value, and instead of discovering our own individual and unique truths, we accept those that are handed to us without question (without question-ing.)

Statistics can be misleading as can many posts and blogs. Rumors can still cause uproars in the midst of new media. Wikipedia, while an incredible source of information, still needs to be verified by other sources.

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear" - Jesus in Matthew 11:15, ESV. In his notes on this verse, John Wesley wrote that it was,
"A kind of proverbial expression; requiring the deepest attention to what is spoken."
We would all do well to begin paying the "deepest attention" to what we read, see, and hear. Shift happens but that doesn't mean we have to step in it.

May I ask? Who or what is getting your attention? What questions are raised in you?


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