I think they call that a sparkle word in school these days. Fact of the matter, in our day, when something is authentic, it really does sparkle. Maybe it is because not alot of things sparkle much or not enough of our life is authentic either.

Logan, my son, has always had a fascination with cars. It took awhile to help him understand that a GMC truck can be the same as a Chevrolet Truck. Mercedes is connected to Chrysler and Mitsubishi fits in there somehow. He probably knows more now about what companies make what than I do. It is not really authentic to say anymore what is an American-made car and what is a foreign import consider how many Toyotas are made in the US these days.

When the light of authenticity is turned on faith - what is found? How authentic is the faith of the US when the majority still claim Christianity and yet less than 11% are found in a church on a Sunday morning? When you hear the Beastie Boys claim to be Buddhist, there seems a considerable lack of interest in what they believe and what they sing. Some are concerned over Mitt Romney's Mormon faith yet from all accounts, he appears to be very authentic when it comes to his faith.

How do we become more authentic? What does being authentic even look like? For that matter, what would an authentic relationship with God resemble? Maybe even more important, how do we pass authenticity to the next generation?

Faith is more than beliefs.
I believe the chair I'm sitting in will hold me up but it wasn't faith until I acted on it and sat down and don't fall. What people believe is shown in their actions. As a parent, we can espouse all sorts of beliefs but our kids are watching what we do (and so is everyone else).

Honesty begats Authenticity.
The King James english has some great words and begat is one of them (see the first chapter of Matthew). Honesty gives birth to authenticity. As a pastor, I am expected to be honest (yes, clergy are still expected to be honest) How authentic am I? I hope better than 54% but you better ask my children and my wife. Better yet, ask the people who have disagreed with me in churches I've served.

You Are What You Speak.
I am not the master of snappy comebacks and sometimes I've been known to let slip an colorful word or two. But no matter how much video and media assaults our senses, words remain what we have to communicate. I've been reading the Gospel of Luke over and over since the beginning of December. One of the things that amazes me (see Luke 14 especially) is how quick Jesus was on comebacks and stories related to the Kingdom of God. For Jesus, the Kingdom of God was his passion, that was his passion. It is no wonder he had an answer for everyone - it came from his heart.

How will you be authentic today?


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